Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey everyone! We have really good news! Our blog is open again and we wish you a Merry Christmas! I have 4 things to say:

1. The only people allowed to write are:
Gogoulatzavella (co-owner)
B.E.P.Fan_4ever (co-owner)
MissAdelajda100 (writer about free stuff)

2. We need new writers! If you are intrested in becoming one go to the page named: Apply for writer and follow the instructions.

3. We changed our heading banner, we hope you like it (thanks to the amazing graphic designer chloe-99)

4. EVERY writer and owner is gonna get a NEW banner for their posts!

Thanks ♥
Stardoll Fashion Community staff

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Soul Surfer Gift

To get it you must do this:

-Type in the URL bar http://www.stardoll.com/en/
-Log in
-Than change the URL to http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=279
-Go to your suite

xoxo Eris/MissAdelajda100

Free Jakcet

Hey guys! 
Sorry I haven't posted these days but school is taking all my free time :(

So, to get this jacket you must do this:

-Scroll till you find "Redeem you gift code"
-Paste this: RH-D4JJNP3KA 
-Go to your suite

xoxo Eris/MissAdelajda100

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Doll.

Hey everyone!
Stardoll released a new doll today. Check the doll and a small bio below:

Helene Fischer (born August 5, 1984) is a German singer and entertainer. Since her debut in 2005 she has had won several awards, including three "Echo" awards and three "Krone der Volksmusik" awards. Helen Fischer was born in the Siberian town of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, where she spent her early childhood. In 1988 her ethnic German family emigrated to Germany. In Germany, the family settled in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. After graduating from school, Helene Fischer attended the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School for three years, where she studied singing and acting. During this time, Helene performed on stage at the State Theatre of Darmstadt, as well as on the stage of National Theatre in Frankfurt. During her time at the Stage & Musical School, her mother secretly copied a demo CD with six songs of Helene and communicated it to different recording studios to gauge the reaction of professionals. Helene's debut on stage took place on May 14, 2005 in a program of the TV channel ARD. It was a duet with the singer Florian Silbereisen. The two later became a couple. Her popularity has seen great success; she has won three prestigious “Echo” (German Grammy) awards, the coveted “Goldene Henne” twice, and the “Krone der Volksmusik” prize three times. All her albums and DVDs have achieved multiple gold and double platinum status. Her songs, with their stories of the everyday worries and woes of home-loving folks, are lyrically close to what the English speaking world calls “Country” although musically quite different. Her circle of fans extends beyond Germany in large part to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. She released her first English album, "The English Ones", on June 7, 2010. The album was produced by Jean Frankfurter, one of the most renowned German producers, composers and arrangers of the previous 40 years. The album opens new horizons for Helene: “I have always dreamed of singing my songs in another language. English is the language of Country, the music that we call ’Schlager’. Language is a tool, but it is important that what you sing comes from the heart – and that is what this album is about.”

Stay tuuned for more!♥

Saturday, September 17, 2011



From now on., we'll have interviews from famous and/or talented medolls!

To celebrate it we have 2 new interviews from: ellie_jellie_x and i.like.rice
They were managers of the old OriginalClub. One of the most known clubs on stardoll!

So here is ellie_jellie_x 's interview:

-Hey ellie_jellie_x!

-How are you doing today?
I'm fine, thanks :) Had a good day at school c;

-What’s your name?
It's Ellie.

-How many years are you on stardoll?
This October, it'll have been 2 years, so not as long as some people

-Have you won any trophies? Like CG, NCG etc.?
Yes, I won NCG back in March :3

-Your suite is really good. Does anyone help you with it?
Aw, thank you, you're very kind! Nope, no one does. I usually get inspired by things on the TV, for example the white office room next to my main room was inspired by Daniel's Office in 'Ugly Betty'

-How many hours do you spend on stardoll every day?
Oooh, that's a big number ;) On weekdays, probably 4 or 5, but on weekends and days I'm off school, probably 8-10 hours.

-Are you gonna stop being royalty? Or you are gonna expand it?
I'll probably extend my superstar again when I run out. But, I may not, anything could happen (:

-How many stadollars have you spent on your suite?
I couldn't possible work that out, but probably 5000+ (is that bad? ;o)

-Do you have any good friends on stardoll?
Yes, I have plenty (: Too many to mention them all x]

-Have you been OC manager? I think I heard that!
Yes, I was manager for about a month!

-If yes then how it was? If no then do you think you desserve it?
It was quite fun having that sort of power, however it was difficult to take the hate from OC. They all assumed that I had to be an angel, because I was manager and whenever I was slightly rude to someone, they'd hate on me, and if I deleted a topic (I only ever deleted innapropriate topics), they'd accuse me of abusing my powers. But, yes I enjoyed it(:

-Are you collecting clothes? Like DKNY or LE or HotBuys?
I don't tend to 'collect' rares of HB's, however I wouldn't refuse a free, or cheap rare item. I do like to have these kind of things to show off! xD

-Are you still decorating rooms?
*ot currently, no. However, there are some rooms that need improving, and every so often I like to change a few rooms just for something new! x]

-Are you gonna buy more rooms?
Yes, in the future, probably

-Do you have more ideas for rooms?
I have one or two, yes! Hopefully I won't forget them before I get my hands on the money! xD

-What do you think about MSW? (Miss Stardoll World)
I think it's another way for stardoll to make money. Yes, I s'pose it's a nice idea, but at the end of the day, only one person will win, and in my opinion, there's only 15 or 20 accounts/medolls that are good enough for MSW, so it's really a competition between the elites of stardoll.

-Are you running for MSW?
-No, I'm not. It would be a nice thing to win, but I don't think I could take all the attention

-Do you think you deserve to be MSW?
Maybe not MSW, because that's a BIG reward. But I am very proud of my suite and account, so I think I did deserve NCG. (I hope I don't sound stuck up! xD)

-Do you wanna say something to the readers?
I'm not sure! xD Well, I s'pose, I'd like to say that I'm nice really, I'm not really as stuck up and rude as this interview makes me sound! Hehe x]

-Thank you for your time :)
You're very welcome, it was nice to have something to do(: Can't wait to see the interview published! c;

And here is her suite(my fave rooms):

And here is i.like.rice's interview:

-Hey i.like.rice!
- Hi B.E.P.Fan_4ever

-How are you doing today?
- I'm doing gud gud

-What’s your name?
- Abbey

-How many years are you on stardoll?
- 2 or 3 idk don't keep count

-I suppose you like rice huh?

-I recently saw a little cat thing in your suite, medoll and presentation. Why is that?
-Kevin is my baby like do you not find him hawt and he's had such a hard life I feel sorry for him oh and hes also in my scenrys and my album :D

-Is it true that you began as a troll in Original Club?
- lol yes

-Your doll was awesome from the beginning of this account. Does this mean that you had another account?
- yep and lol my doll was so ugly

-If yes then, do you wanna tell us the username?
- yeah I guess lol considering like everyone knows I am lollymollygoo

-Have you ever been hacked?
- lucky no I am quite smart mwah

-How it is to be a manager of one of the most known clubs in stardoll, OriginalClub?
-Crazy its like amazing

-Can you tell to our readers what they have to do to be as famous as you?
- I am famous?

-What’s your favorite phrase?
- dunno really

-Are you really from China?(If you don’t wanna answer this I understand :D )
- lol No there flag just looks pretty

-I’ve read all of your parodies. They are all awesome! Does anyone helped you?
- no except my sister helped with the climb one for like one word ahaha

-Are you gonna write more parodies?
- When I am bored yes

-You and robin(the old OriginalClub owner) are “close” huh? I mean, he has talk to you many times!
- Yeah we tight brother

-Do you wanna say something to our readers?
- Hi lol

-Thank you very much for this exclusive interview c:
- no probs gurl

And here is her suite(my fave rooms):

Do you like these interviews? Who do you want to see next?

Friday, September 16, 2011

So, Stardoll updated the site a lot today. Check below the new Other World Items:

Do you like them? Will you buy any?

Stay tuned for more!♥

MSW Round 1 Results.

MSW First Round Results are out. Now Second Round is on.....!

Did you pass round one?

Stay tuned!♥